Magenta Twiggy on eBay - pics up

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  1. I emailed her and asked!
  2. Why is it so low? Is it authentic????
  3. She just started low to generate interest, she knows that particular bag is of interest to many people.
  4. oh wow that is really hot! the first is my first pic tho.. maybe cuz i havent that size haha.
  5. The magenta twiggy is really nice.
  6. wow!!!! its beautiful... thats it... im writing on my list a magenta twiggy too.
  7. Oooh, they're both beautiful! The second one will definitely go up in price.
  8. Wow... they're both gorgeous. Dude's prices are so high!
  9. I think her prices are high because she is known for great and trustworthy service.
    Also, her bags are mint.
    Still, I agree, more than I'd choose to pay.
  10. auction ended
  11. I wonder who bought it? Because there was no bids.....too bad my friend really wanted it.