Magenta Twiggy on ebay -- $1559 BIN

  1. Thanks! Lovely bag...
  2. whats with the insane prices lately?
  3. sellers think its OK to charge insane prices because people buy them for those prices. not to say its not a beautiful bag...
  4. supply vs. demand.. i understand that part..but WOW....its getting really insane..last year people were listing there eggplants for major low..a first was even sold for 800 and now its like 3x that....what to do..what to do.
  5. ^ like I've said before, as each year passes - these bags become older, they become harder to find, especially in good condition - once a bag is no longer available in a retail store, online is the only way to find them, so people are willing to pay to get a bag of their dreams (especially the '01-'04's since those are seriously hard to find and majorly collectible..)
  6. WOW! That's a beautiful magenta twiggy:love::heart:
    I'd almost BIN until I remember my two similar color - Fuchsia MJ Blake & Fuchsia MJ Satchel:huh: Guess I'll wait for an Indigo twiggy to come up then~:P
  7. ohh...its so pretty, its my DREAM bag!! The seller said in the auction that won't sell to oversea bidders (feedback <50). So i guess im out, since im a new member at ebay (just register last month)

  8. Totally agree Mimi :flowers:
  9. :love: beautiful twiggy! i hope it goes to a PF home!

    yeah - harder the colour the BIGGER the price! i should know this by now!!! :Push:
  10. i dont think magenta is a rare color though guys... there are 2-3 a week that come up on eBay, as well as popping up in retail stores as of late. i can understand why an 02 or 03 might go for a lot more, but this color (and size as well) is pretty common. in a few years it "might" be considered rare. but its not now IMO.
  11. Amen, Mims ;) plus the fact that the leather is SO much different during those seasons than nowadays :yes:

    Thanks for the heads up on this beautiful bag, chigirl :graucho:
  12. wow, beautiful bag but price is too high. i agree, magenta isn't that rare and balenciaga still has some in stock (at least a week ago they did). i think the ebay sellers see that buyers are willing to pay alot for a discontinued color so they're raising their prices. when the MP was still running, i used to get rare colors for close to's completely out of control now! :amazed: