Magenta Twiggy is here!!

  1. It came yesterday, but no one was home to sign for it however it's here and safe today! I absolutely adore the color and I can see why everyone likes it! Unfortunately it seems hard to match and maybe a little too bright for my personal style. :hrmm: I'm still hoping for the blues or greens in a first or maybe a city. I wish I had enough money to have a bag in every color! Everyone was soooo right about the leather being absolutely fabulous! I'll post some more pictures tomorrow in natural light. :biggrin:
  2. i think that color is totally fabulous!
    i was thinking that it is also a bit more for my personal style, but then i think if you wear alot of blacks, browns, neutrals with jeans, it really is doable.
  3. I wear jeans mainly. I got rid of all my blacks and browns because BF said it made me look too old! lol So my wardrobe now consists of a lot of color. I have a lot of white so I'm sure it'll go with that, but I was so disappointed when I took the bag out and compared it to my clothes and saw that it didn't match much! :cry:
  4. wow, jdy324, it's so gorgeous, it makes my mouth water :P
  5. oh how gorgeous! magenta twiggy...i love the colour and you're right, it should look fab with white
  6. Such a beautiful color!:heart: :love:
    Don't worry too much about it not matching a lot of your clothes...think of it more as an accent piece to punch up your outfit! :smile:
  7. if you have alot of white or off-whites, it'll look great with those. i think even certain shades of pink would work too. it'd be preppy with some greens too.
  8. Beautiful color! Just fabulous! Congrats and wear it in the best of health!
  9. congratulations!
  10. It's gorgeous!! Wish I had one to match it;)
  11. But you had your chance acegirl -- you just failed to understand that paypal accepted does not really mean paypal accepted.:Push:

    jdy -- congrats on your bag!! what a great find.
  12. You lucky girl! Congrats! It's a fabulous color and the Twiggy is a great style!
  13. great color! congrats!
  14. :biggrin: Wow thats beautiful, I cant wait for mine to come!!:graucho:
  15. Congratulations! Love the color!