Magenta simples???

  1. I got my magenta simples today from fedex!!! YAY!!! but they are sooooooo tight in the toe area, I have simple 85's in camel and they arent this tight..what should i do? Take to get stretched or just return??? I need advise!:crybaby:
  2. I am so sorry to hear this. Are your feet perhaps a little on the swollen side today? I ask that gently... Try wearing them, on carpet, and with hose or knee highs for a while. I guess some will be more snug than others, I am sure others on here have dealt with this. If you love them then it is worth trying to stretch them a bit. If after that you still feel bad, then you can return them. They strectch so much on their own. My only fear on having them stretched is someone else handling them and if something happened and you would be SOL. Good luck!!
  3. Thanks CJY!! Ok so on second inspection they arent sooo bad!! I grabbed some knee highs and now they dont geel too bad. I think i am gonna do what you suggested and just wear them around on carpet for a little while.:wlae:
  4. i think they'll stretch out a little bit with wear, congrats on a gorgeous pair of shoes!!
  5. Sounds like a winner. I think because we agonize and worry about these shoes so much that are much harder on inspecting them upon arrival, that includes fit worries. I think we sometimes gasp :wtf:when they don't just slip on like a glove. I know I did, I freaked out and jumped on this board asking for help. I promtly calmed down, too. I think if they truly do not fit you, and I will know it. :tup::yes:
  6. Lo - I felt the same exact way about the magenta simple pumps. I normally wear a 38 or 38.5 in the leather simple pumps, and so I received these in 38.5 and they fit extremely tight. I've been wearing them around my home and they do feel better. I don't think they need to be stretched, just broken in.
  7. Ok thanks Kamila:smile:

    Definetly agree with you CJY I had a panic attack bc they didnt fit like a glove, haha

    here they are[​IMG]:love:
  8. I am green with envy :yes:. They sold out of my size online before I could order them. I am just hoping the stores do get them in January (I was told they would)
  9. Thanks ronsdiva, I hope you can get them they are sooo cute. I love them!! They didnt have my size and then one day it just popped up and i grabbed it! I check everyday, haha, obsessed a little:push:
  10. :heart: them!! Wear them around your house for a week or so and they should be just fine :yes:
  11. You have to be a stalker if you want to ever get it!!:tup:
  12. too too cute. i love them in magenta
  13. I can say that they definitely stretch out. I don't know about patent leather though.
  14. Hey did anyone else notice that the magenta simples went up in Price on Saks online?:tdown: From 520 to 550! I'm so glad I pre-ordered!:yes:
  15. OOOOh cute shoes!!