Magenta Shoulder Clutch, Blue India Work, and Black City

  1. I was digging in the stock room at NM in SF and found a Blue India work and a Black city. Both are the only one of color/size left.
  2. Magenta shoulder clutch? really? whoa.
    How much do those go for?
  3. I think someone posted about that Magenta the other day. Zacorey called about it and was told it was gone. Or, I could be dreaming that!

    Oops, it's in the NM San Fran thread just below
  4. I think you're right, Glimmer...perhaps they put it on hold and never claimed it! That would be lucky for one lady, unlucky for the other, lol!
  5. i live in tennessee; whats the time difference and when is the best time to call? thanks julie
  6. OMG, that Magenta Shoulder is calling out to me...hold on baby! mamas coming!:hysteric:
  7. were in CA. pacific time, so if your in east coast time then you would be calling at 1pm YOUR time so its 10am OUR TIME when NM opens.
  8. isnt the magenta shoulder that super tiny little bag??? its as big as a lv pochette. and retail is something like 600$
  9. When I got in the store this morning, the clutch was still sitting in the display. She said she called yesterday and it was gone? Sometimes SAs don't know there is a clutch left and they just assume it's gone. Our floor is pretty big tho, the biggest one of all NMs to be exact, so she might not have noticed it.
  10. I didn't think that baby was gone ;) I saw it on Friday and its beautiful!!! Someone must go get it!
  11. I did call and a guy answered and said, "Sorry, we don't have it." It's probably gone by now though! LOL

    I really do want it but I have 2 clutches already! Is it dumb to keep spending so much $ on clutches? I can't decide! I am desperately in need of a new wallet too! AHHHH- what to do?????
  12. If you got a guy then it was probably my manager. (He's the only guy in the handbag department). I put it on hold yesterday morning so if you called some time yesterday, he probably thought I sold it already.

    We do have the money (wallet) in Black and Maroon. I sold the last Rouge VIF wallet yesterday (unless there's another one hidden somewhere...)
    I can check what other colors we have.
  13. Yes!
  14. xochrissie - it's so cool that you post here. really, what a great service. everyone is better off. hey, so do you know when you are going to get in the Brief and do you have any part-times?