Magenta Sgh Part Time

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  1. Hi there i just wondering if part time size is too big for me or not im 5'6" Here in thailand they only have magenta SGH part time No more city and actually i really like the shape of the city Part time has never been in my mind before but after the Sa told me that they only got magenta in part time size and since i m so in to this color so im thinking about it... does anyone own magenta SGH in part time size and u love it or not any pics or modelling pic??? and the part time owner do u think it will look too big on me are u about my size??? THXXXX 4 helping me :confused1:;)
  2. I'm 5'6" and the part time is a perfect size. Not too big at all. And all the magenta's with SGH I have seen have beautiful color saturation and leather. Go for it...I think you'll be happy :yes:
  3. ITA.. the PT is a great bag!! and the color combo is gorgeous!! let us know what you decide!!
  4. I definitely think the part time would be perfect for you! It is a great size and at 5'6" you can carry this one off well!! Let us know what you decide and post pics if you get one!
  5. The PT won't look big on you. If you'd like to see some modeling pics, go to and search the thread for "part time" or "PT."

    It sounds like you don't really want a PT, but rather a City. I suggest you wait for the City. Have you considered buying one internationally? From Aloha Rag? BalNY? Or even online? Magenta is from the current season so it should be pretty easy to find. Good luck.
  6. i dont feel comfortable buying online...and after i went to the photo forum ithink i started to love the part-time!!! okay ladies im going to get that!!! really thank you all LIVETHELAKE,GALEX101404,LUVHANDBAGS AND JIRA...I LL POST ONCE I RECIEVE THE BAGGGGGG
  7. After two cities, I finally got my first PT and I love it! I actually like the size better and the handles actually fit over my shoulder too. I personally feel the gh looks better on a pt rather than a city, the proportions are better. Can't wait to see your bag!
  8. Pandabear I Ll Post As Soon As The Bag Arrive Thx 4 Ur Opinion...
  9. Good maii2. I am glad that you decided to get the magenta part time. I am 5'3 and held a part time for the first time yesterday and I love the shape and size. Looking forward to seeing the pics when you get it.
  10. Good choice ... I love the PT!