magenta SGH and violet RH cities!

  1. FINALLY HERE!!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    after a long waiting period (and having the bag sent to a different country), balny was nice enough to send me this bag (as a replacement) while they recalled the other one. long story but here are pictures!! i love this bag, the color is very purple/saturated and perfectly distressed, my only concern is that it might be a little dry?? okay, enough talking. PICTURES! also the violet city that i purchased from balparis about a month ago. i love balparis! can't say enough good things about them -- great service, fast delivery.




  2. pluiee!!!! :nuts: :wlae:Congratulations on your gorgeous new bags!!! Both are so beautiful and vibrant!!! Enjoy them! :yahoo:
  3. :love: They are so beautiful!!! CONGRATS :yahoo:
  4. YUMMY! I'm waiting for my Magenta now! YAY!:heart::yes::heart:
  5. My magenta was also dry in spots (particularly the places where the leather is smooth and on the handles and on the piping).

    I have conditioned it with Apple Conditioner a couple of times now and all is well. No more dryness (and no noticeable change in color or finish).
  6. Gorgeous bags!!! Congrats!!
  7. congratulations! :drinkup: & thanks for posting the mag & violet together!
  8. Pluiee cOngrats.. what 2 pretty bBags, great diverse selection~!
  9. :drool: OMG -- you are the luckiest girl to get both of those fabulous bags in the same month!
  10. both bags are gorgeous, esp the magenta!! congrats on both bags!!
  11. wow!!!!! what a pair!!!!!!!:drool::drool::drool::tup:
  12. Exactly the same colors as my favorite jelly beans!!! GORGEOUS!!!! That Magenta looks amazing with the SGH!! Congrats!! :tup:
  13. You're like Bbag Barbie!

    (And I totally mean that as a compliment.)
  14. LOVE them!!

    2 of the most gorgeous colors!!

  15. Congrats!