Magenta RH City arrived on Xmas Eve! Or get SGH City?

  1. Hi everyone, I hope you & yours are all enjoying the Xmas holidays. I have to thank you all again for being such wonderful enablers, especially several very helpful TPFers who I've been briefly chatting to via PMs! You know who you are! :love:

    My S/S 08 Pale Magenta RH City arrived from Aloha Rag on X'mas eve. What great timing! When I ordered from AR I had specified the type of leather I wanted. They replied saying the leathers on the 08 Pale Magenta Cities they had were quite dry and crackly looking, they would pick the best looking one for me, but they wanted to check if I still wanted to go ahead with the order. I told them to proceed.

    I opened my present (to myself, LOL) on Xmas Day. The leather was drier and cracklier than my first 2 bbags. The leather is Agneau. My previous Violet First Agneau is much softer, thicker and luscious. The color didn't look very saturated under artificial lighting at night. But today I took photos in the daytime and it looks much better in the photos. I also have a SGH Pale Magenta City waiting for me. I will wait to see actual photos of that after X'mas before I decide which one to give up.

    I have heaps of photos following. My dog CoCo also wanted in on the action.

    Taken indoors, right next to the window, under day lighting (It is a scorcher of a day here in Perth, WA today! 41 degrees Celsius!)


    There is a ink? mark on one of the tassels. I could not get it to come off with a small amount of leather cream, but it doesn't really bother me that much.

  2. Note: All photos taken indoors, right next to the window, in day lighting.






  3. These photos were taken outside in my courtyard under sun light, near noon. It is 41 deg C here today so very very hot and bright.



    Hope these photos help someone who may be considering getting a Pale Magenta City!

    Please note I did not edit any of these photos at all. What you are seeing is straight from the camera to the computer. I will also add that I think the color looks more saturated in the photos, than in real life.

  4. :love:Love the pics!!! Your violet is TDF jo!!!!
  5. So pretty!! I can't wait for mine to arrive ... it's made it's way into Canada and I expect to receive it probably on Friday. Seeing your pics is making me extra excited! Congrats on your bag!
  6. OMG i love your dog. :pMerry x-mas and congrats.:yahoo:
  7. wow the pics look great! the color definitely looks a lot more even than the other pale magenta cities I've seen...good luck deciding once you see the sgh pics!
  8. OH, I love your violet first!! I just looove the first style. :love: It's still my fave.

    As for the pale magenta- the color is really gorgeous and more saturated than on others I've seen- but like you said, it's more saturated in pics than IRL. The leather is a bit dry and crackly- I wonder if moisturizing would work? That kind of scares me though. In any case, Merry Christmas! My indigo also came right on time- on Christmas Eve. :yahoo:
  9. Congrats! Your pale magenta city is gorgeous! The leather on it is the best I've seen so far for magenta. It does look a little dry but some moisturizer can fix that :yes:
  10. Yeah, I always end up buying myself a present when I am out shopping for others. You got yourself the best present. Oh, I love the new Magenta color! It is so pretty. The violet is also beautiful. What a nice Christmas present!
  11. you have a pale magenta SHG waiting for you??! i'd just take either one, RH or SGH. i love the leather of your Violet First :tup: oh and CoCo is so adorable! :love:
  12. Oh Merry Christmas! What a pretty magenta! It looks a bit dry, but it is still gorgeous:nuts:
    Your Pup is sooooo cute!
  13. I'm curious to see what your SGH magenta will look like. Maybe you can post pics side by side. We'll help you decide! :graucho: Congrats and your doggie is so cute!
  14. Thanks, dear! Do post pics of yours too, would love to see her!

    Thanks Moonstarr. Hope you get a great Pale Magenta in way of leather! Show us when she's here, too!

    Thank you Nanaz. Merry X'mas to you too! Coco says hi back. :smile:

    Thanks! I've seen some pics of SGH Magenta 08s and the leather looks to be better. I'll hold judgement till I get those pictures.

    Thanks sunny :smile: I do moisturize my bbags. But as I am unsure as to whether this is a keeper, I think I shouldn't moisturize her first. My Anthra twiggy was dry too by my standards when she first got here. After a couple months of breaking in and repeated moisturising, her leather is now luscious and pillowy soft. I think it's so great that so many of our bbag gifts arrived on xmas eve!

    Here are pics of my broken in & moisturized Anthra Twiggy.
    IMG_3213.jpg IMG_3210.jpg IMG_3211.jpg
  15. Thanks safin! :smile:

    Thanks glossie, yup I waitlisted and put a deposit down on a SGH Pale Magenta. If I don't want it, I can use the deposit as credit for another bbag. I figured no harm since I'm also WLed for an EB. I've been drawn to the SGH Magenta ever since seeing pics on the forum!

    Thank you thank you! I think she looks a little bit like an ewok :graucho:

    Thanks simona, I def will post pics of the SGH Magenta so you lovely ladies can help me choose. :shame: