Magenta Purse

  1. Yeahh sea.... I'm watching this since a few days .... it's GORGEOUS :nuts: !!! Thanks for posting :flowers:
  2. it is really pretty
    there is been a fair number of magentas floating around eBay recently, dont you think?
  3. yes.. i notice that too...
    there's bunch of firsts on auction too now :P
  4. I've posted the link in the "Authentificate thread " on wednesday...
    I was really interested but I missed it :rant: :crybaby: !!!
  5. oh, i'm so sorry that you missed it,fromparis.

  6. awww ****! y'all should come and hang out at club bagnshoo!
  7. Argh, I'm only seeing this now. Pfehh.. oh well.. time to grab a stiff drink at Club BagnShoo..
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