Magenta Purse on Ebay

  1. *sigh* this is just what I want.. but a few hundred dollars out of my budget...
  2. Stunning!!!! WOW!
  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
  4. ahhhhhh!!!!!! I did it. I BINed the bag, baby! I'm nervous - this is my first ebay purchase and I hope everything works out smoothly. My husband may freak out b/c this'll be my 3rd bag purchase in 2-3 months: Blue Roi city (love it!), black Ferragamo goat leather Marisa, and now this! I seriously need to go on a purse ban...
  5. Congrats ReiRei-san!! The bag is beautiful! I just got a blueberry city as well!
  6. Congrats! I have a Magenta Purse coming from anothr Pfer as well. Cant wait to get mine! Hi impasto! How are you my sweet!?
  7. Congratulations, I'm sure you're going to love the color!!! It's absolutely TDF!
  8. Thanks, everyone! I'm so excited to receive it. I've been wanting a Magenta Purse or First for a while now. It's true that Balenciaga is addicting. :smile:
  9. Congratulations ReiRei-Sam the bag looks amazing! Very pretty!
  10. Donna I am doing great! Still a purseforum addict! Hope you are doing good as well!