Magenta Purse Mint Condition from PFer

  1. I was just about to post this one, too!:P Is this our PFer Oh Donna's? BEAUTIFUL COLOR and look at that leather!!!:drool:
  2. Oh gorgeous! :drool: Yep, she's a great seller!! Hope someone here gets this!
  3. Gook luck Donna, this bag is in a mint condition and i hope some one will grab it soon.:heart:
  4. It is really pretty..if I didn't already have a magenta first I would buy it:smile:
  5. Love the color!!!!
  6. Meemie - is that your offer? I bought one recently and am awaiting arrival!
    Isn't that color gorgeous! Good luck!!!!
  7. Love this! If I didn't have one, I'd totally BIN. Yummy...
  8. OMG, i can't believe no one has made a move on this gorgeous bag yet. :sad: Come on girls, how often a perfect Magenta Purse comes your way. :nuts: This must have been some one's dream bag.:graucho:
  9. This bag is beautiful in color and especially in this stye - someone must get it!
  10. Hee. Glad to know... Yes someone should get it! =)
  11. Yes, Dancing Queen - I would know!
    (She is a wonderful seller for those of you who don't know . . . which makes her eBay disaster even more unfair)

    Get this bag - I love it!
  12. Thanks sweetie. :love: I'm just glad that it has gone to a loving owner... :lol:

    Someone should get this magenta purse! The seller is an absolute sweetheart! :flowers:
  13. awww, gee, you guys make me blush:blush: :blush:
  14. I second/third everyone else's recommendation. Donna is a sweetheart to deal with! It's too bad I already have my magenta first or I'd jump on this (oh yeah and I'm on purse ban now!)

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