Magenta Pre-Fall 2005 City

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  1. Looking for this bag....please let me know if you have it and want to sell it or seen it anywhere for sale! I really really really want this bag!
  2. i think this might be in the wrong thread - but anyway - Balenciaga NY still have it in stock. good luck
  3. WHAT? Bal NY has magenta?

    so many girls are out there paying 1200 for one on eBay!
  4. OMG! Balenciaga NYC has one in stock? The pre-fall 2005 leather? Or do you mean fall? I live in NYC and I always frequent Balenciaga and Barney's but I never see it recently....must call them tomorrow.
  5. I think Bal NY has (or at least had as of a week ago) the magenta in the first, not in the city. It never hurts to call and check though.
  6. sweetsparkle - I have the magenta in "work" if you are interested.
  7. I called Bal NYC and they confirmed they only had it in first and that the leather is very distressed. I like the pre-fall 2005 leather so I'm going to pass.

    La Vanguardia - too bad you have it work size :sad: I'm too petite so i can't pull that size off, even as a travel bag.
  8. must. resist. urge., so tempting.

    I am on serious bag overload though and I have a feeling that a few of my bags will sadly have to go up for sale on eBay.

    I need to sit down and take a good hard look at what I love, and what I LOVE. "love", I'm afraid, isn't going to cut it.

    Why do there have to be so many amazing bags out there?
  9. sweetsparkle - I'm 4'11" .. so really small. The work is an excellent size for travelling or for laptop. At first I also thought it was big until I tried it on.

    angstofgumby - I know about bag overload. I used to have 7 Balenciaga bags all at the same time.
  10. I am looking for a magenta city as well! -sigh- So hard!
  11. sweetsparkle, what do you mean by the leather is very distresses? Is it really distressed like the new thin leather? Did you ask them what other color from 2005 that they had? TIA
  12. no, i just asked about the magenta....and the leather is fall/winter 2005 so i bet it's the thin, distressed kind.
  13. 0o0o, so its not the pre-fall 2005 leather :amazed: oh well... maybe i'll just wait...
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