Magenta photos!!

  1. I know I already posted the twiggy in another thread, but I don't think you can ever get enough of this color! lol After getting the first I think I like it a lot more than the twiggy :love: I think it's funny how we all have such different tastes in bag sizes! Anyways, let me know if you see any of the 2005 pre-spring blues! It looks like my love aka addiction for Balenciaga has begun!! Man, I don't even know what hit me lol As an incentive, if I find either the indigo, teal, or sky blue I'll most likely be letting the twiggy go so please help me find one fast! :roflmfao:
  2. Wow congrats jennifer! You got, not one, but two of one of the (imo) best colors Balenciaga ever made! So you are going to be letting the twiggy go? Aw- but I totally understand. If I ever find a 05 Turquoise, I would probably give my left arm for it! hehe- ENJOY your gorgeous purses!
  3. great bags! congrats!
  4. gorgeous...congrats.
  5. Congrats on the gorgeous magenta first. I also think the magenta looks best in the first size. Actually I tend to like all the really bright colors in the smaller bags.
  6. Thank you!!! I was so happy and I feel so lucky to have both. But the twiggy isn't really fit for me. I don't have very much stuff so when I use the long strap it bunches up really funny and the small handles don't fit that easily under my arm since the bag is a bit wider. Also, I'm very nit picky about holding the handles b/c I don't want them to darken. lol it's just too much stress for me to take that baby out! Plus I know that you and me aren't the only ones that love this color ;) so I'm sure someone else who was dying to have this bag in this style would be head over heels for this bag and that would make me so happy to be able to help them find their dream bag. Plus I'd finally get one of the blues I've been looking for. Anyways, I'll sit on it (my decision not the bag lol) and we'll see what happens. :amuse:
  7. Oh I totally know what you mean! It works perfectly to add a bit of color to an outfit. Now that you mention it, I think I'd love an apple green first. lol
  8. wow love the color i love your first :love: looks yummyyy :P
  9. love the color, perfect size for it! congrats!!
  10. Hey there, wow, you've been busy! Gorgeous bags!:biggrin:
  11. hahah YES, it's sooo addicting! These bags are just lovely and totally leave you wanting more. If my budget allowed I'd have one in every color...well I don't think just me, probably all of us would too! hahaha:heart:
  12. GORGEOUS! Love that color!! Congrats and enjoy!
  13. oh jennifer you have 2 wonderful bags! you're so lucky!!! magenta is such a great colour! thanks so much for sharing!!!
  14. WOW!!! Love the color.
  15. :yes: Is the magenta not the hottest in the first?!!:graucho: I got mine today also and absolutely L:heart:VE it!! So congrats on both of your great bags.