Magenta Patent Ergo...Anyone know the truth?

  1. O.K. so I hear there is going to be a magenta patent ergo so I called Jax they have no info. at all. Anyone know if it a definate yay, nay or when? Thanks!:flowers:
  2. I am anxiously awaiting the answer too! I've only heard about it here and I've been excited ever since!
  3. When I went to the boutique a few weeks ago, I was looking to buy a new erogo hobo, and the SA was looking in the computer to see what colors, and she told me it said in their computer that the Magenta Patent was coming out the day after Christmas.

  4. Awsome! Is there anyway you could give me your SAs info. I'd really like to follow this further. I'm actually having dreams about this darn bag!:roflmfao:
  5. OMG...

    Forget magenta bleeker, bring on magenta patent ergo!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    really that would be awesome.. I love pink!
  6. I'm not sure of her last name but she's Adrianna, Manager @ the Coach at Wellington Green, Wellington FL, (561) 333-4260

    and it's also coming in Khaki/white and khaki/pink ahhhhhhhhhh
  7. dang it dang it dang it! Now I wonder if I should wait for this!
  8. Sheesh! what a girl will do for a Coach bag! I just got off of the phone with my local Coach and the only thing she could find is a pink (not sure which pink yet) ergo tote w/ pleates at the top and not in patent called the ergo pleated satchel for $498, style # 12520 release date June 1st 08'
    So then I called Candac3marie3's sa in FL. and they said that there is a ergo hobo in khaki sig. with magenta trim coming out. But DANG IT no patent magenta ergo hobos at all!:cursing: BOOOO!

    Thanks for the info. Candac! I can sleep in peace tonight!!
  9. I don't know anything about the Magenta Ergo Hobo in Patent. The Bleeker Large Flap
    No. 11419 which I love is coming for Spring in citron, pond and rose. The pond one will be mine!:tup:
  11. Aaaak!!!!!! That's my bag! The pink pleated satchel--i think. That's the one I was wondering about. In June, huh? hmm....I dunno if I can go that long before I get another

    That magenta patent ergo hobo sounds delicious.....mmmm...and right after christmas? Yay!!! I hope you find out more info.
  13. I'm getting a bunch of gift cards for Christmas so you BETTER believe if they make magenta patent ergos I am getting one! I love my large black is an amazing bag!!!!
  14. ROSE did you say ROSE for the Bleeker Flap???? That's almost as good as magenta!:wtf:
  15. Rose is probably beautiful!!!