MAGENTA OWNERS - A couple of questions please!

  1. Magenta has never ever tickled my fancy - until stumbling across these modelling pics, I nearly died!

    Is it really THAT purple?

    I'm off my Purse Ban in 6 months, and I'm thinking about an 07' LE Miss Magenta now!

    It's will probably be impossible to get my hands on one late this year though :push:... but I do love a challenge :graucho:

    So, the question. Is it seriously wearable? If so, what colours/kinds of outfits do you wear it with? Did anyone purchase a LE Magenta and then regret/sell it?

    PS - Thanks ladydeluxe for the pics & inspiration :heart:

    mewithmagentacitydy0.JPG mewithmagentacityiica2.JPG
  2. Sorry mods, this should be in the main section... my bad
  3. My '07 LE is not that purple...I think my avatar pic is pretty true to color. If you want a more purpley magenta, I think you'd be happier with the '05...but of course that's even HARDER to find.
  4. 05?? :push:

    The purple in that particular pic I found was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G... but I was never a fan till I saw that exact pic.

    Maybe it was just a one-off that came out like that or the colours in the photo are a little more vibrant than IRL?
  5. I also think it's usually more pink, with just purplish undertones. I remember that someone on here posted pics of a really purpley one, though. I was surprised because the color was so different from mine. There may be a few out there, but you'll have quite a hunt to find one...
  6. I agree with Fiat and Kimberf, my LE is more to the pink side while my 05 is more purply..
    Here are some of the comparison shots I took to show the difference though they are very similar..
    HTH :smile:
    Comparison.jpg comparison 2.JPG
  7. WOW, thanks for the pics.

    It varies soooo much. I really loved the vibrant purple colour that ladydeluxe's LE Magenta...

    I'm starting to think finding one like ladydeluxe's will be almost impossible.

    Ah well, it was a nice thought!

    Thanks for all the advice/pics


  8. I think it's VERY wearable. I love it against black or jeans but because it's a richer color I find it more wearable than the lighter more pastel colors. For example, it looks great with a bright blue or forest green even brown! It's just a nice splash of color.
    Go for it!!! :tup:
  9. i'm starting to consider magenta as well.. even though i was always kinda scared i wouldn't wear it...
  10. There was on 05 Mag make up on eBay last night-it's gone now, but it was GORGEOUS!!!
  11. Perhaps the colour variances between Ladydeluxe against mine and Fiat are due to the H/W..I always notice that the colour on RH is always darken than GH..:smile:
    Don't know whether you have seen the VG in RH against VG in GGH..

    Good luck "J" :nuts:
  12. I think Deana bought that beauty :girlsigh:
  13. i have a LE madge and she is wayy more purple then the 05 madge that i have!!! so i kind of disagree with the others. but who knows maybe the colors really vary?!
  14. It seems that the FW08 magenta might have more purple in it if you can wait. The tiny swatch shows a color called Amethyst/Dark Magenta and it looks like a more purple based magenta.
  15. Yeppers! I scored that one!! I will share photos the moment she arrives!!

    Here is my two cents on 05 Magenta. When it's new, 05 Magenta is a lot more purple than when it us used. I noticed that the sun changed my Magenta City to a more pink color, when I bought a new Magenta Box and I saw the two together. The City is still in mint to brand new condition, and I always used to take my photos outside in the CA sun, before I noticed it fading one of my BG Pink bags. But I actually really liked the fact that although I had two 05 Magenta bags, they were different colors. I have not seen the LE Magenta or 08 Magenta in real life, but from what I have seen and heard, 05 Magenta is more vibrant than the LE Magenta. I was scared off of the 08 Magenta, because of the overly distressed leather, but if I can find a smoother one like pf-er Antubella has, I would buy it in a second! I would love to see comparison photos of 05 Magenta, LE Magenta, and 08 Magenta all together, has anyone seen photos of those 3 together here on the pf?

    Here are pictures of my 05 Magenta City and Box...


    The City...


    The Box...