Magenta or Violet in a First?

  1. I have seen all these Magenta and Violet City beauties posted on tPF! Do they come in a First??

  2. violet does come in the First but they dont seem to have arrived in stores yet as alot of people waiting for it still havent got it... as for magenta... it was only in 2005 that they released the color in every style... but the LE this year only made in city style with option of RH, SGH or GGH... HTH!
  3. Thanks Addicted Ali for the info....guess it will be quite hard to find either color in a first!!
  4. well you can go on waitlist at BalNY or keep ring around stores for the violet first... but for the magenta... you will have to look/search around Exxx... good luck!
  5. If you are interested in Magenta City, give BalNY a call. I just rec'd mine today (overnight), so they still may have a couple extra.:yes:

  6. THANKS for the info...I think it would be forever til I found a magenta first!