Magenta on ebay!

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  1. do you know if balenciaga would fix that for you??
  2. I was just going to post the same thing!
  3. I dont know if they would fix it for you without a hassle to be honest - you probably have a good chance of them fixing it for you if you have dealt with Balenciaga (purchased retail) in the past, and have a SA that you are loyal to.
  4. Hi girls!
    I was the one who originally purchased this from him a couple of nights ago. He said he would not replace or fix the stud, and at first I didnt notice but he has quite a few neg. feedbacks. Very luckily he refunded my $$$. So its all yours if you like. Oh almost forgot, I did call Bal NY to see if they would fix it, they said only if I had proof of purchase, from an Auth. Bal. retailer.
  5. Eh, I wouldn't get it if you can't have the stud replaced by Balenciaga. $700 for basically a defective bag is a lot of $$$$!
  6. oh no! I was going to relist my magenta box on eBay. Do you think I should still do it if this is up at the same time?
  7. As long as your magenta box isn't missing a stud I don't think you will
    have a problem.
  8. werd
  9. Ranskimmie, so the seller doesnt have original receipt? Uhh... that really sucks
  10. Its a pain in the butt trying to get a hold of him. Im soooooo happy he refunded my money! Thought there was going to be lots of problems with this baby. I think I just got lucky this time:shame:
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