I know why

  1. Ok ladies...Now I know why you are all so crazy for magenta. Today I finally saw a magenta Day IRL.
    All I can say is "I'm in love":love:

    This was my first time being able to see magenta up close. It is my favorite shade of pink. I have a Ferragamo bag the same color. It was and still is my favorite but I can't use it everyday anymore b/c it is going to die soon:cry:

    I had a chance to get the Day from BNY months ago and didn't:Push: I so wish I did. I was afraid the color was going to be too bright for that size. I was soooo wrong. IMO I think only a large size bag does the color any justice. :love:

    If anyones comes across a magenta in either the Day, Work, or Purse styles, could you guys please please please let me know?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. Good luck! I hope you find it!
  3. I love the magenta. Just got the purse and it's stunning. I am sure you will find one.
  4. Good luck! BalenciagaLove has been hunting a magenta bag forever...but I am sure it will come. Eventually.
  5. I totally agree!! The magenta is just :love:

    I have the Magenta Box and I really love it.. it looks great especially with a black outfit imho. I just sold my Magenta Clutch on eBay as well.. now I miss it.

    HOpe you find your magenta soon!
  6. Magenta is beautiful, isn't it? Good luck finding one, hc! If I come across one, I'll let you know. I think there is a Box on Ebay right now, but I haven't seen a work or purse on there.
  7. thanks guys. i'm at work now and cannot call overseas but I saw the thread on Koh Samui so I just called my Mom and asked her to call for me. Let's cross our fingers that they have magenta in a day or work. If not then I might take the first, if they still have any. My poor Mom can't figure out how to do 3-way calling with me on the line so I had to have her write down what to say. I hope she gets it right. =]
  8. Good luck with the search!
  9. I got it!!!!! I got the magenta Day on sale!!!!!!!!!!
  10. hc1871, congrats on locating your dream bag!!!! did you just say ON SALE too???!!!!!! where????
  11. yes 350 pounds at Koh Samui !!!!
    hurry and call!! THey might have other colors and styles!!!
    from the US the tel # is 011 44 207240 4280
  12. sale???? ahhhhhhhhh.........
  13. Congrats on your new day bag! Magenta rocks -- I wish I could wear that color.
  14. Wow congrats!! Love the magenta, and on sale!! you lucky girl!:yes: :heart:
  15. HC, congrats!!! Oh my.. magenta Hobo???:shocked::love: What was shipping like? Which other styles do they have in Magenta? Do you know if they had any more Hobos?