Magenta Madeline.....really nice

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  1. I always wanted the magenta large bleecker, but that is sold I am loving this:heart:
  2. i saw this at my boutique. it's soo pretty IRL
  3. O:huh: that's pretty! Also, if you do the e-bay thing, I've seen magenta large bleeckers on there... just a thought!
  4. It's such a wonderful rich colour IRL. I wanted to swoop in and take her home with me, but alas I am still permanently banned!
  5. Yeah, they do have it at least at some boutiques. If you can't get it through JAX, then they can probably do a search and pull a display somewhere. I was able to find a bag for a friend that way...but you have to have a SA that is willing to take the time to check the inventory and make the calls (their database is sometimes not so great, and I believe they update early morning or something like that). It should be easy to get this one, though...I've seen it in at least 2 stores!
  6. Ahhh, I saw this at my local Coach store in the mall and had it been in Patent Leather she would have been on my arm - LOL!!!
    Actually, I think I still might get one! :P
  7. I haven't seen this IRL, but the color looks amazing on here!! I would love to have one of those, I love pink!
  8. I love Madeline too..

    I want her in green!!!
  9. OH DEAR GOD TELL ME they have this in Sig with pink leather lining? PLEASE! If so I'm calling Jax like this very millisecond. >_>

    Edit: I just called and they don't! I am a sad clown now. ;_;
  10. I love the color, about the only pink I am attracted to is bright pink so this is really nice! I've always kind of wanted a Madeline, this might be one to consider. Thanks for posting! :smile:
  11. I'm glad they released this color, now I can finally decide on getting the French Purse with this exact pink color. I love it. I already have a Madeline (Brown/Sig), so I can't buy another one. But it's a gorgeous color though. I hope seeing it in in-stores won't disappoint me, though. I can't put too much trust in drilldowns anymore, sadly.
  12. I'm loving this bag...and it was going to be my next bag (I say that about every bag I, but this one actually was) and now I'm afraid to get it because of scratching the leather. I'd be so afraid to scratch it...but I think I still may get it anyway. It's between this and the Pleated Ergo satchel in natural.

    I hope you do get it..I'd love to see pics. But if you really love the Magenta Bleecker Duffle, you could always go on ebay to try to find it. Otherwise, just call JAX to order the Magenta you have their number? If you need it, lemme know! Good luck!
  13. I saw the color yesterday, the pictures are very true to life :tup: