Magenta Ltd Ed: Gold or Silver?


Which hardware w/Magenta - gold or silver?

  1. gold

  2. silver

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  1. What do YOU prefer - Gold GH or Silver GH? Please state your reasoning too... (sorry, RH lovers...I didn't include that in my poll because that's not part of my current dilemma... ;) )

    I think I prefer gold - it just seems like it would be a more beautiful combination - warmer, richer. But then again, silver is new and different...
  2. Definitely GOLD.
  3. Honestly, I think they both will look great. I think the Gold will be beautiful, elegant and feminine. The Silver I think will look more edgy. I chose Silver for mine......I have four Gold GH already so I wanted something different and I like edgy.

    Go with what you're drawn to.:smile:
  4. Cracker - thanks - that's exactly the kind of food for thought I needed!!! Maybe I will go w/silver..hmmm ;)
  5. I think the Magenta would go better with the silver. I like the black with the gold, but Magenta and silver look better together. The gold draws you eye away from the magenta, and all you notice is the gold hardware.
  6. I prefer silver as i normally love bags that are in silver hardware...probably i'm not a gold person....hehehehe
  7. I ordered the regular hardware magenta, but I seriously considered the silver. I really like the look of pink and silver together. Silver is clean and fresh, combined with pink, those two will be dynamite. I'm not feeling very articulate right now, sorry.
  8. Silver because I wear white gold and platinum jewelry. Also, I think magenta will look better with silver hardware.
  9. wow ... silver's winning!!! I'm a little surprised ... but good reasons all around!
  10. I vote for silver as well I think of magenta as belonging more to the "cool" family of colors than "warm." I agree with Cracker that the silver/magenta combo will be edgier and definitely sexy!
  11. I vote for silver since I think that Magenta is kind like a brighter color and if I add the Gold color on it, sounds like they do not match. But if I picture silver on the Magenta, sounds like they are not too bling-bling.. but add a sophisticate combination.
  12. I hope I don't offend anyone, but I don't think gold matches with magenta. For some reason, it seems like an 80's combo. Whereas magenta and silver seem fresh, modern and new to me....
  13. No offence taken, I agree with you :p

    I voted for silver too...
  14. Is the Silver going to be the GIANT hardware as well? Or like the silver (non-giant) on the '03 rouge red, etc.? I read the BalNY e-mail all over again and it didn't specify. Does anyone know? (Sorry if this is a really stupid question!)

    I'd die for a Magenta City in silver NON-giant (like the silver on '03 red). IMO silver & magenta go best together.
  15. Yep, the silver is GIANT hardware .... the choices are: RH in brass, GH in silver or GH in gold.