magenta LE or rouge vif city?


magenta LE vs rouge vif city

  1. magenta LE city RH

  2. rouge vif city RH

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  1. Hi ladies, i need your help:confused1:!! for the city bag with RH, which color you guys think i should go for? thx u so much for your opinion. !:p
  2. Is this your first bag or do you have others in your collection?

    They are both really stunning colors and I think the Rouge Vif compliments a lot of skin tones, but I haven't seen the Magenta in person so I'm not sure if it's as easy to wear.
  3. i have the white and black city in my collection. i never seen the magenta IRL either. i m afraid its hard to match with any outfit, the color is stunning though..
  4. Magenta ... because there's a red every season but this is probably your last chance for Magenta! You will easily be able to sell it if you want to go w/red later.
  5. Both are stunning colors but magenta is nowhere as versatile as rouge vif. I've had both colors, sold the magenta and kept rouge vif, it's such a perfect shade of red & goes with so many things :heart:
  6. my vote is rouge vif - it's such a great saturated color of red that goes with everything.
    but, if you're a pink person, do the magenta. it's a really pink pink, almost hot pink. i think the rv is sexier and more sophisticated, the magenta more sassy and girly.

  7. Rouge Vif - it's a true deep strawberry red. :heart:
  8. I agree with fiatflux..every season they have red color so go for magenta ~~
  9. I voted for rouge vif. I think you'll get more use with the rouge and it's a fun gorgeous red.
  10. Man, there is a red every season...Go for Magenta for the investment
  11. man, this is soo tough. i want both if i can..:crybaby:
    i also think that can always get red bbag any season, but magenta is harder to find. but then again, i also agree the red is easier to match, more sophisticated and sexy... magenta is pretty girlish and fun color.
    hmm.... pls keep the opinion coming.. thx u so much for your votes.... :yes:
  12. Crucial question: how many red bags do you want?

    Magenta is, well, magenta. Pink/purple - you know, a girly color.

    But with reds - if you're a red girl, you'll want several red bags - and if that's the case, maybe forego magenta.

    Me, I need only one red bag, because although I love red (red car, red bathrobes, red lingerie), as an accessory, only one shade works for me longterm (and it can't be a bold cool red like Rouge Vif, which I adore, but when I wear it, people ask me if I have jaundice).

    I got the Magenta LE for one reason - and that's that I have a tendency to get in a rut with what I wear, and avoid bold/trendy/girly colors. The magenta calls to that part of me that needs to think about girly things - so the splurge. I agree that one can always find a red bag.

    My problem is that I can't find "that one red" yet - unless it's an 03 True Red - hard to find. I'm going to wait on my opinion of Tomato, because as a real red aficianado who is also highly picky about her reds - no one else can really tell me if it's the right red. I love burgundy undertones (my car again) - but I can't wear them well.

    BTW, I have red boots, three red jackets, red belts and many other red accents - but they're all the same sort of poppy red - and that's what I need. Myself, I'm drawn more to paprika (as a red) than to Rouge Vif - but Magenta is in a class with pink - and of all the pinks, it's my fave.

    Bubblegum and 04 Rose are still calling, though.
  13. i only want 1 red.. i know lots of ladies here like the rouge teatre, but its even harder to find. never seen the tomato IRL. and magenta is more pink/purplish color.
    one thing i love about vif is the leather, its very thick, smooshy and non veiny. i dont like bbag with lots of vein.
    does anybody know how the leather looks like of LE magenta?
  14. No, we don't really know how the leather will look yet. I'm kind of nervous about that myself. I want to get in touch w/my SA closer to the date and make sure she scopes out a good one for me since they can vary quite a bit!!!

    I just remember how the early photos of blue glacier were totally uniform, but when blue glacier came out it was really mottled and veiny. I now *like* the look of blue glacier, but it was a bit of a shock at first and took time to grow on me. The magenta LE silver GH prototype apparently has nice leather, but I don't know if that will be how the actual bags will be. I've seen at least one ugly, veiny magenta from 2005*, so even then, they varied.

    *it was one I bought on eBay and thankfully was able to return to the seller.
  15. i have a magenta work and a rouge vif work. both are great colors, but if i had to pick one... i'd go with magenta. you can find lots of designer handbags in red, but magenta is very unique to only a few. magenta is so rare, so if you can get your hands on one, definitely get it. there are a few different reds, but only one magenta.