Magenta LE Delivery Date?

  1. Hi, does anyone know about the delivery date of LE Magenta in RH?
    Is it still possible to cancel orders for RH? Do they refund the money or do they give a store credit?

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!
  2. They should give you a refund, thats what they've done for people that ask for it or you can get something else.
  3. Last anticipated receipt date of bags to BalNY is Sep 10, according to their store manager about three weeks ago.

    Bake in some extra time for them to inventory and box the bags for shipment, plus actual shipment time....
  4. Don't want to hijack the already existing thread on the delivery date of the RH Magenta's so I thought it'd be best to start a new one.

    Any info on when the GH Magentas are to arrive? During the week of August 6, I was told within the next 2 weeks. But this week is the 2nd of those 2 weeks and it's just about over! I think someone posted that they'd arrive on the 25th... But that's the last I heard.

    Does anyone have any new updates?
  5. When I spoke with the BalNY Manager about three weeks, she advised that the GHW would arrive to their store ~ Aug 25. Add some time for inventory, sorting, and boxing for shipment, plus delivery time...

    Good luck :flowers:
  6. Thanks so much hmwe46!! sounds better than october
  7. I ordered Giant HW and My SA said there is no definite date
  8. How come my SA told me it's no definite date ?
  9. August 25th is Saturday. When, two weeks ago, they said "in the next two weeks" - they must have meant "at the very end of the two weeks."

    The RH Magentas are delayed even more - my SA told me "Sept 10." Plus boxing, shipping, etc. :huh:
  10. Chinadollfly, when did the SA say that? Two weeks ago, some SA's said "in two weeks."

    Surely, the GH will come in before the RH - as they said, two weeks ago.

    I too was told Sept 10. I sure hope so.
  11. Which bag did you order?

    Regular Hardware?

    Gold Giant Hardware?

    Silver Giant Hardware?
  12. ^^she ordered the Gold Giant hardware
  13. Actually these dates have been stable since Aug 8 :yes:

    The Manager of BalNY was quite clear, nothing will arrive into NY until Aug 25 and the regular HW not until Sep 10.

    Realistically, it will take some time to get the shipment unpacked, sorted, inventoried and the readied for boxing, reshipment to customers, plus transit time.

    So add another xxx days to your anticipated arrival :heart:

  14. On Aug 8 the BalNY Manager communicated the following to me (and several others IIRC):

    Giant HW will not arrive into NY until Aug 25
    Regular HW not until Sep 10.
  15. ^ see, now when my sa called me today he said my rh magenta would be here sometime next week :confused1: i'm officially confused! i mean i don't really care if it comes next week or sept 10th but the miscommunication is killing me lol!