Magenta LE City vs. Patchwork Speedy

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Magenta LE or LV Patchwork

  1. Balenciaga Magenta LE City

  2. LV Patchwork Speedy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Wasnt sure which subform to post this in because it involves two brands. I want to get one more bag until Fall, the bf thinks I should show some restraint :Push: In any case, I have just fallen in love with Balenciaga, and got my first one yesterday which happened to be a beautiful Anthracite Part-Time. So when I heard that there might be a possibility of still ordering the limited edition magenta color I figured I'd jump on it right away.

    However, the patchwork speedy has been calling my name as well. The only thing is I already have a lot of speedies. I know many of you are thinking that you can never have too many :yahoo:

    So I'm wondering if I should add to my newly started Balenciaga collection or if I should add to my LV speedy collection that I've already started.

    Pricing wise its not much of a difference. $1595 for the LE City and $2000 or so for the patchwork. Another thing is that the speedy I could get right now, the city I'd have to wait for. Help!:idea:

    btw if there are any other bag suggestions in the $2000 or so range please throw them out so I can get more confused :nuts:
  2. I really love the LE magenta city! I love LV but the patchwork speedy isn't really my thing plus I always try to buy leather bags over fabric ones.
  3. Balenciaga, no contest!
  4. Yes, the city is beautiful in that color! I'm so torn, the leather vs fabric is a good point though.
  5. Go for the limitied edition Balenciaga. Magenta is a fabulous color!
  6. Patchwork is a really interesting bag, but I think it takes some special to pull it off properly. I've seen it look really bad on people. If you think you could do the bag justice, I'd go with the Patchwork. I think the BBag would be easier to wear, in general... KWIM?
  7. Definitely the Balenciaga! I love LV, but I'm not a fan of the patchwork.
  8. Balenciaga over LV every time :tup:
  9. magenta city!!!im not really into the patchwork
  10. Balenciaga!!!!
  11. Balenciaga!
  12. Wow no votes for patchwork yet :whistle: Out of curiosity is there another bag I should be considering? Or is this magenta the end all :smile:
  13. Balenciaga:tup:
  14. definitely go for the bbag - i'm normally a huge LV fan, and i mean absolutely no offense to people who love the patchwork speedy, but no matter how detailed and beautiful it may look up close, from afar it kind of looks like a bunch of denim pieces of cloth thrown together, imo. the magenta bbag, however, is so stunning and definitely very eye-catching, yet classy.
  15. To be honest I don't really like the Patchwork Speedy whereas a magenta city is one of my dream bags.
    So of course my vote goes to the Balenciaga!!:heart:
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