magenta juliette or tobacco juliette?

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  1. should I exchange my magenta juliette for the criss cross tobacco juliette? I know I would have to pay more and I wouldn't have the outside pocket but is it worth the extra money to exchange? I went to the fp store last night to look at it but they didn't have it in tobacco just black so I would have to order it. just don't know what to do would appreciate any advice please.
  2. I love the magenta...I'm still trying to choose between the gathered and plain myself. If you don't think you would use a pink bag, then I guess go for the tobacco.
  3. I like the outside pocket so I'm not sure I want to give that up and I love the magenta color too and the sa told me that the plain leather juliette will be coming in congac and jade soon. so maybe I'll hold onto my magenta until the other colors are released.
  4. I am not too fond of the crisscross pattern so I would vote for magenta.
  5. Keep magenta!!
  6. tobacco
  7. Tobacco allll the way
  8. okay, I ordered juliette in tobacco today and I went to macys thursday(presale) and bought juliette in black with silver hardware. I hope I like the tobacco juliette when she gets here.

    thanks everyone for your reply. inch37, you haven't posted in a long time.
  9. I fell down into LV and Vera Bradley lands lol...but I returned to coach yesterday when I saw Juliette. I ordered the black exotic one...:biggrin:
  10. Magenta - Magenta - Magenta!!
  11. I saw the black exctic at the full price store and was tempted to get it but I wanted to see the one in tobacco first. I love the hardware on the black.

  12. Hey stranger :biggrin:
    Glad to see you back! I miss your reveals, you always have great taste!
  13. I vote for Magenta, sorry I am attracted to colors :biggrin:
  14. Are you talking about the pleated one? Love the pleated in tobacco! I wish they would make small bags in the pleated leather.
  15. yes the name of it is diagonal pleated.