Magenta has arrived on

  1. Thanks for the info :nuts:

    I am loving the SGH Compagnon but boy, isnt the price so expensive?? :s
  2. thanks. pls post such scoop in the shopping sub-forum next time ;)

    magenta's leather seems very marbled. does it look dry due to this leather trait?
  3. The prices are higher because of the Exchange Rate. However, I watched and watched and watched a particular Grande Matelasse bag on Diabro ... and 'lo and behold, I ended up getting it for about 1/3 what I would have paid in the US!!!! So ... keep watching; the exchanges can change on a daily basis.

    On the leather ... I was just at N/M (Houston) yesterday, and noticed that the leather on both the Bubblegum and Magenta bags were dry and the coloring seemed rather mottled. The '05 Magenta leather/coloring is (in my opinion) far superior. As far as the Bubblegum, it seemed to have the same problem as the '05 one - where it looked as though the dye didn't take in all areas. Bottom line, if I were to go for either color, I would want to see the bag "up close & personal" just to make sure (since I'm sooooooooooooooooo picky about the leather!).
  4. Thanks for the update!
  5. awesome, thanks for the heads up.
  6. thanks for your insights. this is such a damper for those of us who can only order online blind :sad:
  7. OMG!!! So exp. :sad:
  8. I bought the Petal Pink and the leather on mine is like my 05 RT not dry at all just beautiful but they did have a magenta in the shop and that was dry, it looked like a i think you need to see these bags in person!
  9. I agree w/rosy's post that these pinks need to be seen in person. The magenta that I saw in person, was extremely dry, mottled, and veiny...and looked faded several degrees.... it's a hit or miss w/magenta I think... a couple of the bubblegums I saw had handles that were lighter and faded looking compared to the rest of the if you can, see them first in person, if not, use a trusted SA, and make sure you can exchange if it is not up to par.
  10. Diabro is getting ridiculously expensive if you ask me. They started out so well, with great prices and all! I noted from some other threads some time ago that it is possible to order Balbags from BalNY directly? Does anyone have any idea how I can do this and if there is a price list to peruse beforehand?
  11. ^hi! are the same madeofdreams on cozy? ;) the prices should be the retail prices listed in the sticky in this forum (no such thing as discounts at BalNY, i understood). someone just posted the email addy of BalNY in this sub-forum. check the thread title? :biggrin:

    diabro does have some great deals once and again. just don't hope for deep discounts on the more popular colours :rolleyes:
  12. Hi Glossie! :smile: Yep I am :smile: