Magenta First

  1. I have the opportunity to purchase a Magenta First...

    what are everyone's thoughts? is it too bright?
  2. Oh my goodness, no, I don't think it is too bright. I think it is such a rich, beautiful color. But, if you're not feelin' it ... then don't get it. Have you seen it in person?
  3. magenta is a great color! go for it!
  4. It's a fantastic color and you will not regret it!
  5. I ADORE my magenta first! I would recommend that you RUN to get it! It's a fun color that looks great with neutrals. I love how it POPS and brightens up an outfit without looking garish or tacky.
  6. i love this colour!!! i think its SO yummy!!!
  7. No, I have not see the purse in person.

    I have seen pictures...I really want it, I was just worried it would be too bright. Maybe I should wait untill I am 100% sure.

    I really do want an old leather first though....
  8. i had a magenta city. totally love it :P
  9. it's a gorgeous color!
  10. i think magenta is very pretty in small size bags like first and box~
  11. I think it's a beautiful color! I was really bummed to miss out on it when BalNY got a few back in stock back in June. I would definitely go for it!:yes:
  12. Love the color; I think it would be an excellent choice.
  13. The color is amazing!
  14. I am soooo not a pink person, but I have seen the Magenta (Saks Fifth Ave in Boca Raton, FL still has a Shoulder in the Magenta. Talk to Debbie, she is the greatest!) IRL and in posts here and I think it's beautiful.

    Go get it! : )

    I wish you well,

  15. I LOVE that color - but I am totally a pink person! I think it depends on what your wardrobe looks like - I wouldn't buy it if you wear tons of colors, then it'll look too crazy, but I love the look of a bright colored purse on a neutral outfit!