magenta first!

  1. hey ya... is this suppose to be in the other thread....???? you know the --- Authenticate This Balenciaga ---??? geez, do i sound like the b-bag police??? HA HAHAHAHAHA!
  2. no, i am not wondering about authenticity at all. just wanted to give people who want a magenta a heads up. =D Hope I don't get in trouble...hee hee.
  3. this is a PFers auction. there is a thread about this somewhere here. i think it is a second (or third) listing.
  4. Hm, I wish I liked magenta. I can't get into that colour though.
  5. It's interesting seeing how varied the leathers are on these bags. This leather looks pretty wrinkled compared to my Magenta City! I don't think I've ever seen Balenciaga leather look quite like that.
  6. yea, not a huge magenta lover. but i think it looks cute in the twiggy.
  7. not magenta fans?:shocked:
    can't believe what i'm reading! just kidding.
    more magenta for me!;) :love:
  8. Thats O.K. I make up for all the magenta non lovers here. I adore ALL magenta Bbags:love:
  9. I wonder why it is not selling then?
  10. Its sold!! YAY!!!! Who got it?
  11. It's not sold ranskimmie. It didn't have a BIN and it has 9 days to go. I think something's wrong with your eBay pages. Try clearing your cache and logging out and back in.
  12. O.K. just checked. I was right the same bag ended and was just relisted. item# was 6887412340 and now its #6889907025.
  13. Beautiful color, but seller will not ship outside US:oh:
    Anyway, I'd prefer a Magenta Twiggy:biggrin:
  14. mm weird, seems like this bag is listed again. is it? i thought i saw it on eBay before alr?
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