Magenta first on ebay

  1. Yikes! $1600:shocked:
  2. looks good to me!
  3. Wow $1600?! Do you think it'll sell?
  4. It's definitely real, it looks exactly like mine. She's gotta be pretty confident to be selling a used bag at almost $700 more than the original price when new! I doubt anyone will pay that much...
  5. it's used... hmmmmm..... i wonder if it will sell?
  6. It's worth whatever you are willing to pay.... if someone really wants it - I guess they'll pay for it, the magenta is now 'rare', so I guess we will see.
  7. Yikes! Maybe she got a little excited looking at the lilac 04 bidding war?
  8. ^ :lol: true! but bbag prices have been rising, a lot it seems lately!
  9. hatikuh, you're probably right! she thought... "well i have something kind of lilacish too!".....
  10. so funny. i got an authentic magenta box from bluefly a few months back. the color/style wasn't for me (though i do like it). i couldn't sell on the MP b/c i was too new. however, i had psoted something about it and a few people pmed me and i offered to sell it to them for the price i got (plus paypal fees and shipping) which was like $750 or something cheap and no one wanted it. i ended up returning it because i could. i didn't want to try ebay. here is the link -- i think it was authentic:

    i also had the black purse and no one ended up wanting that.
  11. pretty bag- but seriously, IMO these prices... :rolleyes:
  12. Looks like she has been following Dude's auctions especially with the
    wording in hers..... I didn't even pay that much for the eggplant, can't imagine she will sell it at that price!
  13. chloe you are right! how lame.
  14. well...if someone loves the color and wants it badly then they will pay...BUT i guess it's a bit steep given that the condition is used. i got my magenta city for $1200 and the condition was excellent....