Magenta First on Ebay BIN $1099 My Puuoette!

  1. Its looks super ladies!!! #6882990725
  2. Someone please buy it now!!!
  3. Hey Irishgal! Its calling your name!!:graucho:
  4. Is that where those voices are coming from??!!! :blink: Well, if someone had not gotten ahold of my husband's debit card (see post in Gen Dis) and cleaned 5K out of my checking account she would be mine...:censor:
  5. :amazed: No Way!!! I am sooooo sorry to hear that!
  6. AWFUL!!!
    was there a camera in the machine they stole from? I have 2 friends who were able to identify the thieves this way.
    Both ended up being servers, one from a bar, and one from a cafe that they had just been in. The thieves watched them enter their PIN's then casually kept the cards after they paid!!
  7. OMG ..... it's already sold :sad: !!!!
  8. AWW Firstclass1, were you going to get it?:cry:

    So who is the lucky winner???
  9. yes! Could the winner please stand up! ;)

  10. Yes "who" is the lucky winner ??? All right, so I still wait for the '04 Lilac-city . . . ;) :yes:
  11. It's me
    I'm sorry I did not you wanted it:cry:
    I have been searching EBAY all day looking for a dusty rose and saw this...I will keep my eye's open for another one for you:biggrin:

    All is fare in Love & Bags :roflmfao:
    When there is a BIN button YOU HIT FIRST ask questions later:P
  12. YAY!!!! We are new magenta first twinsies!:heart: I just bought mine a couple of days ago, and will be getting mine soon too!!!:biggrin:
  13. GET OUT!!! Thats great ...What did you pay for yours if you don't mind:graucho:

  14. Oh CONGRATS VipStyle :flowers: !! Don't worry .... I'm looking for a '04 Lilac city . . . maybe you could keep open your eyes for this ?! :yes::graucho:

  15. Hahah SO TRUE. That's how my magenta twiggy found me! lol