Magenta First - new condition - BIN $860

  1. The price is $900 even with shipping.

    This is a beauty. I was going to buy it but came to my senses (spent too much $$ lately on bags). The seller sent me lots of photos and set this auction up to start at this time especially to accommodate me, but as I said I decided I can't buy it at this time.

    eBay: Balenciaga AUTH First Magenta Handbag – Small Size NWT (item 330032176476 end time Oct-01-06 20:30:00 PDT)

    Good luck- someone should definitely jump on the chance to get a PERFECT magenta!! Email the seller for more photos if you want to see more detail.
  2. Dang, no international shipping!
  3. aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh its so pretty......
    should i use my black city funds to get this?
    she also has calcaire listed.
  4. I dunno ... magenta excites me a lot more than black ... but then again, the Black City is a basic must-have on many people's lists.... hard to say. ;)
  5. :crybaby: Paypal and US only!!! :crybaby:
  6. i already have a magenta box and i cannot justify buying another magenta....
    but i really want it.....:s
  7. Beautiful...such a great color! Somebody get it quick! I don't think it'll last long...:smile:
  8. It definitely should not last long ... I don't know if everyone realizes how hard it is to find a brand new condition magenta at below retail!!!!

    Sorry about the international bidders being excluded. I emailed her about that but don't have much hope of a change....
  9. Oh why can't it be a bigger size? I got a First and I am 5'7". It just felt too small for me. That magenta is sure a beauty.
  10. Wow!! I bet it will be gone soon. Is Magenta hard to find these days? Balenciaga newbie here. LOL!!
  11. Yes, I think I can say with a fair amt. of certainty that magenta in NEW condition is difficult to find in any style. Lately, Magenta Firsts have been popping up on eBay with more frequency than other styles, though. Still, I don't recall any of the other Firsts being perfect except perhaps ONE. If you do an Advanced search for "Magenta" in the thread TITLES ONLY of messages posted in the Achtung! forum, you will probably get a better idea of what Magentas have been available, and in what condition (and for what price).
  12. I think the First would be too small for me. I don't know for sure, but seeing them in pics look like it. I live in Nebraska, so I have never seen one IRL. I'm used to carrying my LV Speedy 30, so is the First smaller than that?
  13. thanks so much for heads-up!! hope no one gets sore but I just nabbed the calcaire and the caramel med. city bag!!!! help me, I feel sick...but those prices!! plus I have been wanting a bbag--now I have 2!! so much for my purse*t!!!

    in other news, the magenta is still up for grabs.....
  14. Congrats!! The caramel color is TDF :yes:
  15. I am so irritated! I sold my Gucci velvet Blondie last night for $550, but the buyer has not paid or contacted me at all! I wanted to take those dollars and reinvest in a Balenciaga but I'm holding off because I don't feel confident about the buyer.