Magenta First + magenta hair = scary!

  1. So I received the Magenta First from Bal NY and it is marvelous, it truly is. I love the color! But I think it is way too close to my hair color. :rolleyes: I think it looks too matchy and clownish, and almost tacky on me. I'm a strange girl.

    Here are pictures. What do you ladies think? Should I keep it?

    NOTE: Please excuse my bummy clothes and no makeup. Yeah, scary. :sick::wacko:
    magenta1.jpg magenta2.jpg magenta3.jpg
  2. OMG, no way edna-girl, you look TOTALLY HOT with that bag!!!

    p.s. and i adore your matching hair, it's gorgeous :smile:
  3. NO WAY Edna. I agree with aaallabama, totally hot!
  4. very very striking...both you and the bag! pretty!
  5. I think it looks great....plsu you're hair is more pinkish than magenta....think of your great hair as an accesory to match the purse!!!
  6. I think it's a really cute combo!
  7. I have the magenta first (my only B bag left!) and think it goes with everything!!!
  8. lovve you magenta it looks great on you keep it :smile:
  9. Hot!!!! You have to keep it!
  10. i think you look fabulous. black is the perfect canvas for your hair and bag. don't change a thing.
  11. No your bag and hair are not exact it REALLY looks HOT!!!
  12. Edna: Your hair and the bag look great together! Keep it you look fantastic!
  13. the bag is beautiful and you look gorgeous with it:love: . it is a keeper!
  14. wow..the girls here are right, it looks great!

    btw, u have xanga?? i think i subscribe haha
  15. I think it looks great! It's a bold bag and you can definitely pull it off. If you love the bag you should keep it, especially since at some point, you may end up changing your hair color (I'm guessing magenta is not your natural color ;) ). If you aren't crazy about the color of the bag, you should send it back. If you're like me you'll have no trouble at all spending a store credit! Please keep us posted on what you decide...