Magenta First is up too - low BIN

  1. hehe thanks! let me know if a PF member wants it... ;) just email me through eBay, I'd be more than happy to work it out! :smile:
  2. beautiful bag mimi and at such a great price!! someone will snatch it up quickly for sure! good luck!! :biggrin:
  3. Mimi, I am interested but I have never seen magenta IRL. Is it real purple or more hot pinkish?
  4. it is gorgeous. i am sure it'll sell in a flash.
  5. It's definitely a true magenta hue, a great mix of both - very eyecatching, one of Balenciaga's best bright colors in my opinion. In day light it is really captivating, and in a dimmer light it truly brings out the purple tone, and becomes really rich. It's verrry pretty in person! :heart:

    (and the Fall '05 leather on the brighter colors is really thick, soft, and perfectly distressed)
  6. I will email you through eBay :smile:
  7. WHOA, congrats Mimi, and whoever got it (is it you giggles?)
  8. yay mimi! (and presumably giggles)
  9. Yes it was me :love: :love:
  10. woooo-hee!!! that was fast!! congrats, Mimi and giggles!!!!
  11. YAYYY!! :smile: Thanks giggles :love: I'm soooooo happy it was you!!!! YAY! A PF GIRL GOT MY BAG! :smile: hehe I am happy ;)
  12. WOOHOO :yahoo: yaaaayyy CONGRATS giggles! You've been very busy lately ;)
  13. Drat!!! Another color I was looking for and I was on the phone! That went quick!!! Congrats to whomever got it!
  14. I am addicted to Bbags!! I can't get enough :smile:
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