Magenta First Currently $660!

  1. I soooo want to bid on this, but I'm nervous with the company's feedback. What do you ladies think? Has anyone bought anything from them?
  2. I personally dont use those isolditonebay type places like I think that place is like. They dont know a real bag from a hole in the wall. Be cautious!
  3. your comment is so funny.... :yes::yes::yes:
    but i agree with you. they also dont answer emails very quickly. I actually emailed the seller a couple of days ago and til now hasnt gotten a reply....
  4. Thanks, donna & purse for your honest assessments. I have yet to buy anything on ebay, so I'm especially wary about potentially questionable sellers.
  5. The description isn't specific. I don't even know what condition it is in. I asked the seller that question days ago but haven't heard back. I guess they don't answer them.
  6. I was going to let you know about this one if it looked totally legit!
    Has the Magenta been faked this well? It looks totally like the Magentas that I've had..same shine and leather texture...
  7. yup.... thats the problem with "isolditonebay" people. not only this seller tho.... there is another seller a while back that has a bag that i liked. i emailed them... but they never reply my email.
    oh well.....

    ps: i am not saying their items are not authentic. they look authentic to me, thats why i am interested in them, but the sellers just dont reply to emails very well and it bugs me.
  8. It REALLY bugs me when sellers are MIA. Good communication should be part of the service you receive when spending that much on anything, whether in a store or buying second-hand. It's not like they are doing us any favours by taking our money but a lot of sellers do seem to have that attitude.

  9. Thank you! I actually thought it might be fake at first but now I think it is real. I am worried though since we have no idea of the condition. Their feedback is bad as well! :sad:
  10. Well, i did my research and the bag looks legit to me. i took the plunge and bid!!!! My first experience trying to buy an ebay bag, so please pray i don't :sweatdrop: get completely ripped off if i am the high bidder!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. If any potential (or actual!) bidders REALLY want the scoop on this bag, CALL THEM. These "pro" auction sellers never answer emails. I dealt with one recently when I bought a vintage Chanel jacket, and even got a form letter reply, saying they had too many auctions to answer emails!! :nuts:
    So I called them, and got the answer I needed.

    Anyway, most of the negs seem to be about slow shipping and not answering emails. If you call, you will probably get someone who will actually pull the bag and look at it for you. BTW, be sure to ask them about any weird smells...

    Good luck to everyone!
  12. I did call and speak with a young gentleman (who didn't seem to have a clue about Balencigas). But anyway, he pulled the item and said it didn't look like it had any scratches or damage. And that they don't take BINs. Guess the lucky gal will have to have fast fingers!
  13. No fast fingers for me; i put in the most i would pay and THAT'S IT!

    I will not look again til auction is over; i am bad to impulse bid.

    anyway, i love my city; i don't really care if i add the magenta to my bb family or not, would be nice, but not "bankrupt" nice:yes:

  14. One hour before end of auction and I got outbid (knew it would happen, couldn't go too high) MY ONLY HOPE: A PF'R GETS IT!!!!!