1. I saw that when I got up at 2:00am cause I couldnt sleep...almost did BIN , BUT I won my Magenta Purse, so I had to think realistically. Its a beautiful bag, someone needs to go get her!
  2. what an amazing color! If I had that kind of money to spend at the moment, then that would be my first choice of bag! someone from here better snatch it up!
  3. Gorgeous! I love that color but I just don't think I could pull it off. :crybaby: Someone needs to grab that beauty though.:yes:
  4. If I didn't just get a magenta shrug, i would be all over that!
  5. Am seriously thinking about this. Love the color and style. Is this a good price? What about the spots on the bottom? I'd appreciate all of your expertise.
  6. The seller is super nice...the smudges are on the bottom so they would not bother me..the rest of it looks new...I would say it's a good buy for the color.
  7. thank you - I am a newbie to Bbags and to ebay so the advice is much appreciated. I'll let you know!
  8. ooooooo - this is gorgeous!
  9. So because it is a discontinued color, the price is higher than a new Day?
  10. this is the old smooshy wonderful leather...this one is a really good deal for this sold out color...I've seen magantas go quickly for hundreds more
  11. Thanks everyone:flowers:
    I REALLY want to keep it but someone is selling a new-with-tags '05 Caramel's not my Holy Grail Caramel Work but it's a start!
    I hope my Magenta goes to a PFer's good home!
  12. Ok, because of this forum and the above comments, I have now bought my 3rd Bbag in 1 and 1/2 months. However, this is my absolute favorite color of all the past colors and I really like the Day style. I would never have bought from EBay without your advice and the fact that Stylefly is the seller and PFer. I am not sure I should really be thanking you for enabling me - but I am very happy and can't wait to get it!!!
  13. Congrats pursemania the bag is gorgeous! B-bags are so addictive.:nuts:
  14. I can't wait for you to have it:flowers: