Magenta Day - RH or SGH?

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  1. Hello there everyone!
    I own 2 Bbags - a violet step and a bleu twiggy (both 07) but this is the first time I'm posting here at Balenciaga! (I'm usually over at Chanel).
    I am now considering another one and have decided on the Day in Magenta. :love:
    Now here is where I need some help :confused1:(Pleasssse!) - should I get it in the regular h/w or the silver giant h/w? I am not into the giant hardware at all but when I tried on the day with the giant h/w I thought it was quite cool. Do you think the giant h/w is too trendy? Too bling as the silver is very bright? Unfortunately, I haven't seen the Day in regular h/w IRL.
    Please share your thoughts with me. I'm looking for a bag that will last me for years.
    Thank you all
  2. RH from me...
  3. RH. :yes:
  4. RH. I love my RH magenta work. Though the leather on the GH bags in general might be better. I'm sending the work back to BalNY tomorrow as a patch has already lost its colour so it needs to be redyed.
  5. i'm gonna go with SGH :smile:
  6. RH :tup: Gorgeous bag.
  7. RH definitely! :yes:
  8. I'm with the others, RH in the day style!
  9. RH without a doubt!

  10. RH! SGH can sometimes look a liiiiiiiiiiittle too bling I think
  11. I like the RH in the day style, mainly because you get the long string/tassles. Also, I think it's less likely to go out of style.
  12. Used to go for GH but RH is now for me..
  13. RH if you want to wear this for years to come but if you want a pretty and fun bag for now then definitely SGH...besides the SGH adds a great pop to the color. I personally love the GH.
  14. I like the look of SGH on Magenta but I prefer lightweight bags so RH gets my vote!
  15. I have a SGH magenta city, but I think the day would look great in either hardware. So both are great choices.