Magenta Day on Ebay

  1. HC - I've PM'd you! Not sure if you're still looking.

    Mods: Am I allowed to PM someone about a bag on Ebay? It's not mine, I just thought she might want to know as she's looking for one.
  2. WOW!!!! Could this be the Magenta I have been searching for....:graucho:
  3. The price seems good (at the moment) too. Good luck Handbag Addict!
  4. Yes that's what I thought! Hmmm...stolen pictures?
  5. Wow - good call Percephonie! Maybe the seller's listed the bag on both Yahoo and Ebay. But then again, I've learned to never be surprised when it comes to the honesty of Ebay sellers.

    Perhaps (if someone's IS interested in the Ebay auction) someone can contact the seller and ask for a specific picture - see if it can be provided.
  6. Oh my god or maybe they're thinking of purchasing the original auction and they sell it on ebay once someone bids?
  7. I'm such a magenta whore, I saw this auction early this morning and asked for more pics of the spot she mentions in the auction.

    that was about 8 hours ago and no pics yet :sad: .
  8. Thanking you Cal. I asked for more photos as well. Will let you guys know if I get any type of responce.
  9. i think it's the same seller as they both in japan?
  10. True but on the Japanese auction it says seller will not ship internationally...?
  11. hmmm... interesting :P
  12. hmmmmm, if it's legit it's a great price so far!