Magenta Day Hobo - SP 1299, BIN 1400

  1. very pretty, but I already have a Magenta Purse....darnit.
  2. OMG!!!! my dream bag but i have it in the first b/c I was not able to get the day. What to do??!!!!
    Do ya'll think I can get a fair price for my magenta first??? I would so love to get this bag and then sell my first to help with the cost.
  3. I say buy the Day and sell the First. Magenta seems to be loved by many, so I'm sure you'll have no problem getting rid of it. Go for it!!!!! :yes:
  4. Everyone loves the magenta and I think it really looks great in the hobo style. There doesn't seem to be that many of these around and in such good condition - I agree with :idea:.
  5. oh i'm so torn between that and the dolma day or the dolma city!!!! 3 great bags!!! wish I had money for them all. hehe
  6. Go for the Magenta.:yahoo: It is the hottest color.:yes:
  7. Both are great, but you seem to love magenta, so go for it!
  8. thanks guys, i'm really thinking about it. i just hate having 2 of the same color. Also I got this new coat and i am thinking the Dolma will look better with it then magenta
  9. hc1871,
    If you really love the color, then I think having 2 is fine, especially a discontinued color. (of course, I do . . . :shame:smile:
  10. Magenta is sooo gorgeous and it looks AMAZING in the day style!
  11. That Magenta is gorgeous! *sigh* Cal need's to plant a money-tree
  12. the seller is a PF'er too! :yes: