Magenta Compagnon -pics

  1. Shout out to Zacorey for this beautiful wallet:heart: (even though she's a Red Sox fan:yucky::p)

    Took pics next to my city.

  2. GREAT wallet! I was thinking about getting that wallet myself but I'm glad someone got it with such a great collection! It looks awesome with your City! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  3. What a stunning set!!:drool: I'm definitely jealous!! :girlsigh:
  4. beautiful wallet (and city). they look great together!! oh, and go sox!!!
  5. Awww look at that. Congrats! :smile:... and I looooooove your pool/hot tub :heart:
  6. I have drool all over my keyboard!
  7. I had a hard time resisting this beauty when it was on eBay. I'm so glad that a PFer got it and will enjoy it! :yes:
  8. Magenta Compagnon is sooooooo CUTE !!!!!!
    Congrats !!
  9. :drool::drool: Congrats!!
  10. Cute wallet.
  11. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!:dothewave: LOL~ hey~ I said I'm a Yankee's fan too~ I'm really a New Yorker!!!!!:p

    It looks FABULOUS with your city!!!!!!:love: ~ and will look hot with all your other beauties!!!! ~ couldn't have gone to a nicer girl who lives near my dad!!!!!
  12. i love this color more & more everytime i see it!! :drool: [hello fellow hf member]
  13. :nuts: Gorgeousssssssssssssss!!!!!
  14. Go Zac:dothewave: Congrats to both of you. :yahoo: It is gorgeous.:drool:
  15. Oooh, it's a match made in Balenciaga heaven!