Magenta Color

  1. Does anybody know if any other bag will come in the magenta color besides the Bleeker duffle. I was looking online at Coach and saw that they have a magenta patent wristlet and didn't know if they were going to make the gallery patent tote in Magenta also. I would love that.:love:
  2. Omg!!!! I want that Patent wrislet! I asked a question earlier also! I love the MAGENTA but also the TEAL! I can't choose wahhs! Is Magenta a dark pink? I wish they had a lighter pink!
  3. Yes, Magenta is a hot pink. I know I would love to have the Patent Leather Gallery Tote in Magenta also. Maybe someone will know if there will be more to come with the pink. :tup:
  4. A gallery tote in Magenta...:girlsigh:, that would so be on my wishlist!
  5. I can't find the Bleeker Duffle listed on magenta on the Coach website. The closest color I saw was wine. Am I missing something? In the picture of the girls in tights, it does appear that one is carrying a magenta-colored bag. Anybody? Thanks.

  6. This is a picture of the Bleeker Duffle in Magenta. It will be available online
    on 10/15. You can go and pre-order at your store any day this week if you'd like.
    I found it by Clicking on Bleeker Collection from the Coach homepage which will prompt you to all the Bleeker Bags available. Just scroll down and you will see the bag.

  7. There is a Large Bleeker Duffle in Magenta that will be available online to order October 15th. When you first pull up the Coach page there are the girls with the duffles and it says view bleecker collection click on that and then click on handbags/duffles and it will show all the colors of all the bleecker bags. Hope this helps.
  8. Thank you both LizCordova and Coachaddict.:tup:
    I just love that pink. I think it's only available in large, which may be overwhelming for us shorties.
  9. I have the Large Bleeker Duffle in the rust color and do not find it overwhelming and I am just 5 ft 2 inches tall. Go to your store and see them as they are really not large at all but long in size.