magenta clutch

  1. ooooh.. gorgeous gorgeous... omigosh.. why are all my WANTED list bags coming up at the same time?????????? !!!!!!

    please don't tell me i have to cull my other bags....
  2. Ugh! Ended!!

    Why Why Couldn't I Have Seen This One Sooner?
  3. Sorry - I snatched this one up. I hope another one comes along soon.
  4. Hee hee, I almost bought this, but you beat me to it, Bark! :smile:
    Congratulations, it's so gorgeous!
  5. Thanks pip - this is the 2nd b-bag I have bought from lovpurse. I also bought her ink city which I adore. I'll post pic's when I receive it.
  6. oh man! i can't believe i missed out on this one!!

    congrats, bark!
  7. Soooo jealous Bark but so happy for you too! I gotta get me one of these babies :wlae:
  8. congrats BARK! i'm glad you bought it.. =) saves me from breaching my shopping ban!