Magenta City

  1. pretty!!!!!!
  2. OMG .... what a GORGEOUS bag :nuts: !!! Good price too I think :yes: !
    Thank you for sharing mocean :flowers:
  3. yes, gorgeous bag! good luck, sweetsparkle :love: :flowers:
  4. very pretty!
  5. So tempted!!! Someone BUY THIS!
  6. Very pretty!!!:love:
  7. Thanks! I love this bag and sad to see it go but I'm definitely more a first girl!!
  8. Arrrrgggghhh ... why oh why must I be so poor now?!?! All the "good stuff" is available.

    I swear ... if I see an Apple Green or Anis City/Work/Weekender, I will shoot myself :crybaby: :hysteric: !!
  9. It's a beauty! :love: Good luck, sweetsparkle!
  10. good luck w/your sale sweetsparkle-girl, i'm sure she'll go soon :tender:
  11. It's beautiful!!! Good luck, Sweetsparkle!:heart:
  12. hmmm, i think im going to stick magenta on my want list! hehehe!
  13. You and me BOTH - I need an apple green city/hobo