magenta city

  1. hello balenciaga owners! i am about to purchase a balenciaga city in magenta. i wanted to ask if any of you guys have had any problems with color transfer from the bag to your clothing or vice versa. i know that its somewhat dark in color but i was wondering if i can wear it with my dark jeans or dark clothing. any advice or suggestions would really help. thank you!:smile:
  2. I've never experienced color transferred from the bag to my clothes, but I have seen that happen the other way around especially lighter-color bags(not just bbags or other brands as well), I would suggest appleguard your bag or use some sort of protectant. Though some bbagers don't like to use anything to treat their bag:smile:

    PS. if you post your thread on the main Balenciaga page, you'll most likely get more response:smile:
  3. thanks!:smile:
  4. hello there bbag owners! i am thinking of purchasing a magenta city and was wondering if any of you have had any problems with color transfer on your clothes or from your clothes on to the bag. any advice or suggestions would help. a fellow tpf'er suggested apple guarding it befor use. if i do this...will it protect my bag from color transfer from my clothing. thanks!:smile:
  5. I have a magenta bag and haven't had any issues with color transfer. However, I mostly do not wear light or white colors. But I don't think it would be a problem.
  6. I have one and no issues so far and I wear a ton of black.
  7. moved to care & maint :yes:

    if you search of color transfer/transference you should find lots of info on this :tup:

    I have two 05 Magentas and have not had any probs and I do wear lots of light colored clothes.

    Good luck! :flowers:
  8. i am not really too much concerned with color transfer from the bag to my clothing. more like color on my clothing transfering on to the bag. hehe!

    thank you and i have seen some of you guys bbag collection and they are awsome. i wish i can have that many bbags. i can dream cant i! :smile: