Magenta City on ebay for $1575 BIN

  1. Thanks Chi!
  2. do i get a commission or something for posting????????:supacool:
  3. Chloe, you are going to make us poor! Good luck with the listing, though I have a feeling you won't be needing any, lol!
  4. How long til this one flies???
  5. i love it chloe! you're really clearing your bbag loves!!!! :love:
  6. oops...never mind.
  7. Wow! Gogeous bag!
  8. I have the magenta first. Someone get this the color is HOT!!!
  9. 0o0o0o0o0o yummy!
  10. Should I get it?:yahoo:
  11. Yes!!!!!!
  12. Hope you trust me...:rolleyes: I`m very reliable:upsidedown: :idea: :jammin: :yahoo:
  13. Is it your last Bag you are listing?
  14. WOW chloe ..... such an AMAZING bag . . . good luck with your sale - hopefully it will find a very lovely new home soon :tender::love: