Magenta City - Just arrived!

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  1. Beautiful bag. Congrats!
  2. Thank you sooo much everyone :biggrin: I can't stop looking at it. Wow, this is the best bbag I own. I'm going to keep this forever!
  3. Such a beautiful colour!
    Enjoy! ---------------->:love: :love: :love:
  4. that's one beautiful bag-congrats, sweetsparkle!
  5. Wow, it is truly beautiful! What a color :love:
  6. So jealous! It's gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy every minute!!!
  7. Wow ... that is probably the prettiest color b-bag I've ever seen! LOVE it! Congrats!
  8. It looks good enough to eat--so squishy and yummy looking. Congrats!
  9. I took the bag out to dinner with me tonight and I received two compliments already! My fiance thinks I'm crazy when it comes to bags but he really likes this one :biggrin:
  10. sweetsparkle, your bag is amazing. The leather looks so smooth and soft. Congrats, and enjoy!
  11. Just beautiful! I can see why you're in love!
  12. What a nice color - and the leather seems really nice!
  13. Now this color is eye candy! Beautiful!
  14. Ooh...I was expecting it to be metallic, but it's not AND IT'S FABULOUS! What a stunning color! Congrats to you! Where did you find it???

    I am going to get addicted to b bags now, aren't I? Look what you've all done to me!!! Ha ha!
  15. Congratulations, such an amazing bag!!!! Beautiful!