Magenta City BIN 1699

  1. Gorgeous, but ouch the price is ridiculous. :shocked:
  2. This is the same seller I bought by bubblegum first from. She is very nice but doesn't decribe the bags too thoughly. There is some white stuff on the hardware of the bag in one of the pics. However the one I have looks very well cared for!!! I would love this city but the price is too much in my opinion.
  3. ^I'm sure she'll come down in price A LOT after this doesn't sell for several months. That's what she did with the bubblegum first. She had that listed really high for a long time.
  4. Price is high and also leather looks so dry~~:sad:
  5. I'm wondering if she conditioned it with something? It sort of looks like the finish has worn off. Lubriderm maybe?
  6. Is this a city? So high!
  7. Yeah it's a city, and so high. Didn't a magenta city just go for $450 BIN recently?