Magenta City!!! BIN$1199

  1. Great BIN price as well.
  2. This is gorgeous.. oh I only wish !!!
  3. Fantastic MAGENTA -.- ohhh I love it :yahoo: :yes: !!! Good luck everyone :love:
    Thank you for posting Roxane :flowers:
  4. Great bag! Lvlady has some great stuff up right now...this color is absolutely TDF! Someone get it!
  5. Uggh :crybaby: ... another wonderful bag that I've been thinking about for so long. The only thing that stops me is that I have the Magenta Metallic City, so I think it might be redundant to have another Magenta ... what do you folks think :confused1: ?

    PS: Then again ... I'm supposed to be on a self-imposed BUDGET (which - in my opinion, is a nasty word ... right behind DIET!!).
  6. ^^^Hey CeeJay! I think they will be too similar- stop pouting and enjoy your beautiful magenta metallic city!:yes:
  7. Already gone with 'best offer' $1100 ! ! ! :yes:
  8. someone got a great deal, such a gorgeous bag!
  9. I'd say that was a fair deal for whoever got it. The bag was not in that great of shape but for the price it could be spiffed up by AB or LMB and it would still be under or around retail!