Magenta City BIN $1100!!!

  1. Auction # 6891723573. Looks kinda worked though. What do you think?:huh:
  2. it does look a little used. I just saw it a few minutes ago and pm'd acegirl b/c I knew she wanted a larger magenta bag.
  3. bin is gone, the color looks weird on that bag.
  4. it looks a bit worn but that leather looks sooooo soft
  5. Heya' winona! Looked pretty bad huh? Oh well, guess someone loved the REALLY vintage look:shame:
  6. Just a warning on this one girls - this seller copied about 85% of the text from one of my past auctions. Those are not my pictures but geez - it just annoys the crap out of me when sellers can't write their own listings :sad:

  7. Grrrrr.. That's so annoying! I'd let her know..

    Thanks again all for letting me know about the bag..I'm gonna pass on this one though. ;)
  8. UH OH!:amazed: I wonder if the buyer is a pf member? That sucks!:sad:
  9. i thought it was weird that the first pics look like stock photos, then her own.
  10. Actually I don't really mind that look :shame: but the magenta color is WAY off, it's probably the photo...
  11. is the buyer pgurl, the one who got banned?

    if it is a different PFer, i apologize.
  12. livethelake, ew. i cannot stand that.

    did you see the Calcaire?!
  13. As soon as I saw the listing, I sent her a msg thru ebay...wishing her g/l on her sale and suggesting she write her own listings in the future, that using someone elses just isn't cool.....

    and I think the bidder is a former PF member... (chigirl - you're 100% right)

    Winona - thanks! saw it, also Chigirls pm in the middle of the night - lol
  14. Geez ... I have no hope (since I can't get into eBay from work); I guess I'm resigned to having to buy retail. Although, given all the leather and color variations, I think I'm going to do a look & feel beforehand!
  15. O.K. whats up with this bag? Its been listed again with no BIN and starting bid at $695:blink: