Magenta City at Barneys

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I just need a little help regarding a Bbag I saw at Barneys yesterday. It was Magenta (per the SA) with GSH and she called it a City. Is this color combo desireable and is it hard to get? What do you look for in the leather? Is this color easy to match or do you care if you match? How hard is it to find matching accessories? I have heard the girls here call out a "light magenta" and want to know what the difference is. Are there 2 ?Thanks
  2. there is only one magenta from the s/s 08 collection..they might be referring to bubble gum as the "light magenta" colour
    the magenta city with GSH is very easy to wear and you probably don't need to match it with your outfit..personally i think it's easier to wear than bubble gum
  3. They are referring to the magenta from S/S08 as light magenta. It's not bubblegum -- you may see them refer to that as "petal pink." There was also a limited edition magenta in 07, which was a brighter/deeper magenta color (as well as an 05 magenta, which was deeper still). In comparison, the spring/summer 08 color is lighter, hence "light magenta". It's very pretty, just very different from the previous magenta colors. If I were in charge of naming Bal colors (a girl can dream, right?), I would have named it orchid rather than magenta. There should be lots of pictures floating around on here if you look for them.

    You could definitely find matching accessories if you wanted. I know Barneys had some of the coin purses in this color w/GH, don't remember if they were gold or silver, though. Lots of people like to mix and match with the accessories, so maybe carry the sky blue or electric blue with the magenta.

    Edit: went to dig for a couple of threads for you.
    Here's one on matching magenta to clothes/wearability:
    Here's one with some pictures of the color:
  4. Thank you:flowers:
  5. :flowers: thanks for all the information and for the links:heart: Very helpful :yes:
  6. [​IMG]
    hi here's my newly bought magenta work in silver gaint
    i think this combo is very easy to match.. i like wearing grey/purple/black
  7. wow - its a beautiful bag! Congrats!!