Magenta Cities at Nordstrom Arden Fair

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  1. I'm suprised no one posted this yet since the email came a few hours ago...

    Nordstrom Arden Fair got their first shipment and they have two magenta cities (or at least they did at noon). Here's the pics and info they sent:

    [​IMG] Sahara City Resort 08
    Wait Listed

    [​IMG] Magenta City Resort 08
    $11952 Available

    Giant City White with Silver hardware

    Giant City Bubblegum with Silver Hardware
    Wait Listed

    Also, here's what they have on order in BLUE:

    Sky Blue

    Money (Wallet)

    Electric Bleu

    Giant City
    Giant Brief
    Giant Hobo
    Giant Money

  2. thanks so much for sharing! I'm sure people will snap into action on this info! ;)