Magenta Carly

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  1. Awhile ago I read about a signature carly with magenta trim coming out soon? Has any one heard any information about this or know of a release time? It sounds so cute!

  2. I haven't heard a thing but I want to know more too!
  3. I want to know more too! I think the magenta on a Carly is going to pop. I love Carly's that pop. I currently have the turquoise Carly and I love it.
  4. This would be the ONE color combo I would have to have in a Carly!
  5. It's been talked about before and is on my wishlist....I hope it happens!
  6. Same here, I absolutely :heart: my turquoise & think magenta would be such a nice pop of color!
  7. If it's an all leather carly man oh man is that bag mine!!!
  8. It's now available. My SA put me in their system for it and called. She said it's not hot pink like I wanted it. She said it's purple and a few shades lighter than the plum. If anyone is interested it will be out for October in stores and it's 10619 and 10620.
  9. Thanks for the update!:yes: I can't wait to see this one but I was hoping for more a pink color too.:confused1:
  10. Was/is this bag available at Macys and has been around for awhile? It the magenta patent?
  11. no, the patent is 11867. This is a new color.